Thursday, April 3, 2014



Madewell graphic design t shirt / TIBI zipper skirt / Transparent bra / NIKE lightweight athletic shoes / Proenza Schouler black leather messenger bag / Iphone cover case / Perfume fragrance

 I don't know about you guys but i will say it again, the warmer weather is almost here!I am so excited and all i can do for now is post outfit inspirations that i would wear. Polyvore is perfect for that. So i created this look for the New York Gal on the go or just a casual outfit that is still comfy but stylish.

Tee- Simple is the way to go, especially for an easy day. A graphic shirt is still a way to make a statement 

Skirt- I love the texture of this skirt, its black but the design on it makes it pop

Bra- Anything lace is my go to. Its something that's a little extra sexy underneath
Perfume- I have said it before Marc Jacobs perfume are the best and the floral scents are perfect for the spring
Bag- I like to keep it simple and black is my go to!

Lips- Lip tars are my favorite. These lip stains last forever and are super pigmented

Phone Case- anything to make a statement

Shoes- Sneakers are perfect/sporty but cute and super comfortable. For me i think my nike shoes are going to be my pick a lot this summer

Let me know what some of your outfit inspirations are for this summer! 
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Hey guys so lately I've been getting really excited about the warmer weather, and of course thinking of outfit ideas. With warmer weather all you want to do is wear less clothes and be really comfy.
My idea of a comfy/casual outfit is right here and why:

White tee
Every girl has to have a perfect white tee, it goes with pretty much everything and is a staple must have in your closet. You can change it up from a day to night look. In warmer climate white is what to go for. Simple,really lose and a staple.

Skinny Jeans
When it comes to bottoms even in the hot hot heat, yes I still do wear skinny jeans but of course of a light materiel. it goes perfect with something lose fitting on top, and makes me feel good. 

Sunglasses are a must especially when the sun is always blinding you! It protects your eyes from UVB rays. So any pair works. 

Sun Care
There are good days and bad days with warm weather and even in the chilly days the sun is always out.SPF is super important for your skin. So always protect your skin to keep it looking healthy and younger. Shiseido has a really good one for face and body.

I don't know about you but i always have to smell good, I always have some sort of spray in my bag for on the go. But a good perfume goes a long way cause it last longer on skin. Spraying it on the right places does actually help the scent with body tempeture like behind the ears,rist,neck ect.
My go to is always Marc Jacobs because it super flirty,such a nice flower scent you can never go wrong.

For me it's about comfort when it comes to shoes. Sneakers are always a good choice and helps your feet out. Since it has support not like sandles even though there are A ton of cute ones we want to get our hands on. I  choose comfort and support and still choose cute on my feet. Nike always have fun colors to choose from. 

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inspiration lately

Everything pretty simple.



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lip conditioning

Lip conditioning

Hey there! So I am back to my normal blogging schedule. I am so happy to be back and to share a lot of fun things with you guys. Today I thought I would talk all about lips. It's really important to 
keep your lips hydrated and conditioned for a perfect application for that proper pop of color.
       There are a few ways to take care of your lips, of course water is #1 for keeping your body hydrated  and is important for many reasons. Of course skin is a major part and your lips are apart of that. One way to know you are dehydrated is by your lips or skin you could tell because your lips get dry and start to peel which isn't a pretty look and sometimes your skin can look dull as welI. I myself have that problem the minute I don't drink water. So I have put together some of my favorite products up above that work for me. A good lip balm is key!

Eos lip balm 
This one is my favorite to apply before bed because It has a minty flavor. What i like about these balms is that they are all natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. They are packed with vitamin e,Shea butter and jojoba oil which keeps my lips moist and smooth through the night.

Sugar petal by fresh
Is by far my favorite! I love all the tints they have and this is one product I always have in my bag.
This is a sheer petal pink which is perfect for everyday for a pop of color. It is super hydrating to the lips. It's nourishing,protects, and plumps the lips. It also has an SPF of 15 which is a + it also carries vitamins a,c,e. This is a must have lip product if you don't have it.

Sara Happ lip care
So onto lip scrubs! This one product I have not tried yet but it is on my list to explore and I'll tell you why! I've heard a lot of great reviews of every one loving it! like any scub it eliminates dry, flaky skin to leave lips soft and supple. Any scub will work but there's just something about this product I love and how it leaves a burst of peaches on lips while could you not want to try it!

Lush lip scrub
Of course every girl out there knows about Lush. They have many amazing products from masks, makeup and more. The first product I've ever used was their lip scrub and I was in love! What's great is that they are fresh handmade products. It's made from sugar and fine sea salt, of course exfoliates away dry skin while jojoba and coconut oils restore essentials hydrating lips for a smooth, softened pout. Also it's pretty delicious! you could use it on its own or before applying your favorite lip color.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! And I soon will be posting my own personal picks with every topic I talk about.....or will try my best when I can. Talk to you guys soon! and as always follow me on Instagram- zerot0sixty for more beauty and fashion.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Style

My Style

Hey guys so I haven't been posting has much because my laptop died! :/ I am so upset but until I get something new I will be trying my best posting for you guys through my iPhone, not the same but I'm going to do my best. So today's post is yet again on my style. This is exactly how I'm feeling lately  adding some statement pieces to an outfit always helps. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

NYFW Beauty Trends

So with Fashion Week I love it all from the clothes,hair,makeup and nails. Today I am going to stick to beauty and what looks i fell in love with!

I loved this hair at Nonoo show its so efortless and super easy to recreate 
with some dry shampoo which was the key thing here to use and a blow dryer... believe it or not you will get amazing texture to play around with for this half-pulled ponytail.
TIP: With dry shampoo because It's a powdery textured product that goes on white on the hair. Blast the hair on medium heat, If it's Too hot it starts to melt the dry shampoo. Medium heat just gets rid of the whiteness in the hair.

Another look i loved was this cool middle mohawk braid at the Tibi show. Its a fun take on a braid and simply just having one down the middle adds some edge. It would be a look i would totally try. With keeping the hair super sleek, and adding a braid, this look is really easy to recreate.



I have three looks i loved for makeup and nails!
The first one being This statement highlighted lip at Naeen Khan Show. Lips are another way of highlighting on your face and making something pop!

The second look is all about the nails, and i specifically liked this look at the Tibi show because its simple from the color and the one design on each finger with a stripe. How simple is that! and how can you say no! 

Third look was at the Ohne Titel show and as you can see glowing skin is what it's all about! Especially in the winter time when your skin can get dry. This was a great look and especially with the sleek pulled back hair, the focus was all on the skin keeping it pretty simple.

Makeup and hair are so important when it comes to Fashion Week. It takes a big role in the show and makes everything come together with the garments. I always look forward to it! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for my picks on fashion! ;)

Style Approved: Street Style

I haven't done a "Style Approved" post in quite some time so here it is! and with Fashion Week comes a lot of New York Street Style. Here are some of my favorite looks that are Style Approved!