Thursday, August 13, 2015

Let's Talk Hair

Hey guys, so with a new hair cut comes new fun products to try. I have three of my favorites and my thoughts to share with you 
Drybar Triple Sec
So when i got my new hair cut i wanted to try some texturizing sprays
this Triple sec was my first to try and by far my top favorite. It gives me that tousled type of texture i wanted,adds tons of body and fullness and absorbs oils. The fact that it does 3 things texturizes, amplifies and refreshes i think it makes all the difference and it smells amazing!

The Gnarly Whale
This spray is a vegan product which i love and it smells like coconut so thats a plus! But i do have to say that i don't often let me my hair air dry but when i do this stuff is just perfect!
All you do is spray onto wet hair and let dry for those beachy waves. It is my second favorite and perfect for summer days.

Rusk Texture Spray
This dry finishing spray has a long lasting medium hold, adds texture,shape and grip.
It also adds an instant fullness and volume for when your hair is feeling a bit sad. The smell is what throws me off, but to be honest if you're not that type of gal that has to have the best smelling products than this is perfect for you!

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Wall space inspo

So latlely i feel bored in my room and I've realized i have plenty of wall space, So why not decorate! I have a lot of little bits that can go on shelves and i can always put up some art and photos that keep me inspired. Slowly i am finding a few good things to put up but want it all to go together nicely. I will keep you guys posted with updates and where i find certain things.
When it comes down to finding what i want on each wall i can always count on Urban Outfitters to inspire me with wall decor and new ideas. If you go shop now you get free shipping on all orders over $50 which is awesome and a +!



So starting my journey to becoming vegan i have changed my diet and i never thought i would change my beauty routine with vegan products but slowly i have. Its a hard thing to do but I'm trying my best to get rid of what i already have to start fresh and so far it's been a success!
I looked into some higher end products and purchased what i needed at the time which was a new foundation and corrector. 

1.BB Cream
I went with a BB and not a foundation because it's light weight coverage and perfect for the warmer weather and my skin.So far i love it! 

2. CC Under-eye Corrector 
I can definitely say this is a re-purchase for me. I have hit pan on it and have not used it for a couple of days now and can tell the difference. It seriously helps me with brighting up my under eye area but    isn't a product i need for everyday. If you are on the hunt for a great corrector this is one i would recommend.

So to say the least tarte is a brand i look forward using more of and love that they are cruelty free in some of their products. If you are vegan or looking for more cruelty free products this is a brand i would look into.

Monday, May 25, 2015


So its been a few months now that i purchased these beauty things and forgot to tell you guys all about it! So here is what i love about them.....

1. Makeup bag
Its big enough to gather my things when I'm staying at the boyfriends place 
from makeup brushes and body lotion ect. its perfect. I think its also great to have for a makeup kit.

2. Hair perfume
I love anything with a rose scent lately. It was exactly what i was looking for to keep my hair smelling great all day long. I have looked up other hair mist before but got my hands on this one at urban and went for it! I love this product and i am curious about what else they have. So i will keep you posted when i get my hands on some.

3.Diptyque roll on perfume
I am not gonna lie when it comes to diptyque, i have heard a lot about them before but never really purchased anything. Their candles are all the rave but i went with of course a beauty item.
The scent is so strong that it last a pretty long time on the skin so its well worth it!

4.Urban Decay Sheer Lipstick
This is my go to color when it comes to any everyday look and lipstick color. I always end up choosing a natural shade or sometimes with a slight natural pink tone to it.
When their sheer lipsticks came out i was super excited cause i love anything sheer and not too much for an everyday look.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


My Style

My Style by zerotosixty 

The nicer weather is here.
So slowly my clothes have become more spring/summer appropriate
I like to keep it very simple when it comes to outfits.
denim jacket
distressed jeans
pretty lace
comfy shoes
statement bag
simple pieces can go a long way which is what i love.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


So today i am talking about bag balm! My favorite thing in my bag and life saver all winter.
This little guy not only helps your chapped lips but also helps with superficial abrasions which is a plus to have. I love multipurpose products and i really suggest getting your hands on a bag balm yourself if you don't. This is one of my top 5 beauty products to have!